The METEOTIME system is a worldwide unique concept and can be used by licensee's from the industry, watch and consumer-electronic sector. A private person (end-user) may get free access to the information by purchasing a product from a licencee.
Such products you may find in the section "PRODUCTS".

The concept of METEOTIME is:

  • The weatherforecasts are produced twice a day by the weatheroffice Meteotest (
  • METEOTIME is adapting the data technically to the system and sends it to PTB in Germany (see TRANSMITTERS)
  • Receivers having the Meteotime Technology built in may receive and decode the data (see PRODUCTS).

METEOTIME additionally stands for the newest and best reception technologies for time-signal receivers. With METEOTIME receivers, previously unachieved reception-characteristics are becoming reality ! Each product with the METEOTIME logo is tested by us with regard to construction and reception technology. Only if it meets our stringent specs, it is released for production.

If Meteotime is on the outside, you get Meteotime in the inside !

® The Meteotime-Icon and the brand "METEOTIME" are internatonally registered and protected!