Who is allowed to use METEOTIME?

Meteotime weather forecast data is a trademarked and coded information. To get access to these data,
a reception license is required. Meteo Time offers this license to industrial users. Based on a valid license
agreement, licensees have the right to use the Meteotime data, to cooperate with Meteo Time and
to create corresponding products.

In chapter “Licensees” are listed the currently active licensees. 
In chapter “Products” are shown representative products (if desired by licensee) including the Meteotime-feature.


The following companies currently have an active licence agreement with Meteo Time: 

  • DIGI-MAX     (Digi-Max Technology Limited, China,
  • Irox                   (OS Technology AG/SA, CH-3073 Gümligen, Switzerland;

These companies have the right and the possibility to develop and to produce products
including the Meteotime feature and to offer and deliver such products to their customers.

In chapter PRODUCTS are shown such products (if desired by licensee) including the Meteotime-feature.

Former licensees were, e.g.:

Products of those manufacturers can be still found in the market.



Currently available products with METEOTIME-feature inside are for example:

Brand: IROX   /  Products: Mete-On 1  and  Mete-On 3
For information where to buy, you may contact IROX in your country: