Maintenance work on the DCF39 transmitter in Burg - interruptions in broadcasting operations

Dear Sir or Madam,

urgent maintenance work will be carried out on the DCF39 transmitter (139.0 kHz) in Burg during the following periods.


14.09.2023 14:30 Clock


14.09.2023 17:30 Clock

During these periods there will be interruptions in the broadcasting operation!

The DCF49 transmitter is one of the 3 transmitters that are responsible for transmitting the weather forecast data for WS-K.
If the transmitter shutdowns occur during the transmission phases of the forecast data, the data update in the WS-K may not be available.

If you have any questions about the progress of the measure, please contact Mr. Sbick (Tel.: 030 39875494 / 0171 2634349; Email:

Thank you for your understanding.
Your EFR team