General overhaul of the transmitting antenna at the HGA22 transmitter in Lakihegy (Hungary)

Dear Sir or Madam

As we have been informed by the transmitter operator "Antenna Hungaria", the transmitter HGA22 (135.6 kHz) in Lakihegy requires a general overhaul of the transmitter antenna.
This measure is planned for the period May, June, July and August 2024 and will unfortunately lead to unavoidable transmitter outages.
During this time, broadcasting operations will be completely suspended on weekdays (Mon-Fri).
Transmission will only take place at weekends.

As a result, the weather forecast data for our WS-K will only be broadcast from this transmitter at weekends.
This means that the coverage area of this transmitter cannot be continuously supplied with weather forecast data.
Please take measures in good time to prepare the connected evaluation units (GLTs) accordingly.
Data transmissions from the transmitters DCF39 (Burg) and DCF49 (Mainflingen) are NOT affected.

Please contact Mr. Sbick (Tel.: 030 39875494 / 0171 2634349; Email: if you have any questions about the course of the measure.

Thank you for your understanding
Your EFR team

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