2022-07-06 - 2022-07-08 / Maintenance work on the DCF49 radio station in Mainflingen

Dear Sir or Madam,

at the transmitter DCF49 (129.1 kHz) in Mainflingen urgent repair and tuning work on the antenna system will be carried out during the following periods.


06.07.2022 22:00 Clock


07.07.2022 04:30 Clock



07.07.2022 22:00 Clock


08.07.2022 04:30 Clock

During these periods there will be interruptions in the broadcasting operation!

The transmitter DCF49 is one of those 3 transmitters, which are responsible for the transmission of the weather forecast data for the WS-K.
If the transmitter shutdowns fall into the overday phases of the forecast data, it can lead to the absence of the data update in the WS-K.On the affected days, it may affect the data transmissions starting at 21:00 UTC (local time 23:00 CEST) or 03:00 UTC (local time 05:00 CEST) in the respective period described.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Mr. Sbick (Tel.: 030 39875494 / 0171 2634349; Email:
Thank you for your understanding.
Your EFR Team