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Predict the weather.

Worldwide unique communication and weather forecast

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METEOTIME. That's what we have for you ...

  • Weather forecasts - two times a day - provided by Meteotest (www.meteotest.ch)
  • Meteotime analyzes the data and transmits them to PBT.
  • Receiving devices with Meteotime technology can receive an decode these data.



Dear Sir or Madam,

important repair measures must be carried out on the long-wave radio station DCF39 (139.0 kHz) in Burg.
The reason is a cracked insulator, which must be replaced.

The repair measure extends from 30.03.2020 / 08:00 hrs to 24.04.2020 / 16:00 hrs.
For this reason, the switchover...

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Map of Europe with transmitter DCF77

The coverage of Europe with weatherforecasts is optimal thanks to the time transmitter DCF77 (Germany).


Detailled information and explanations on the predictions



Time Transmitters carrying the METEOTIME data



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